19 Benefits of Local SEO You Must Know for Small Business

If you’re a business owner or SEO professional looking to know the benefits of Local SEO, Then you are at the right place.

Right now, Local SEO plays a significant role for every business out there, and it is mandatory to optimize local businesses for Google.

In this article, you will learn briefly about local SEO benefits and other importance of Local SEO.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your local small business to the search engines like Google and also for the users to get a targeted audience to your website from the local area/city.

In Local SEO We optimize both Google Business Profile(GBP)  to rank on the local map pack and also the website to rank on organic search results.

Why Local SEO is Important?

Local SEO is crucial for small local businesses to rank top on SERP within the local search and to increase the revenue of your business by targeting the right audience into your business.

If you have a local business and want more customers from your local area, then you should be on Google. Because according to hubspot, 46% of searches on Google are looking for local information.

If your business is not on Google, then you’re helping your competitors to get more customers and profits, because some of your competitors are already on Google and driving traffic to their site and also customers to their local stores.

The main goal of local SEO is to target specific local people, who are in search of your products/services within your local geographic area.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Local SEO works as per local search algorithms. After creating your GBP and website, if you verified your GBP and also submitted your website to Google, the crawlers crawl, index, and store them in their main servers.

Whenever a local search happens, the local algorithm will be accessed and start ranking the relevant, nearest, and optimized local businesses on the top from the indexed main servers.

Basically, if you optimized well, you will rank for the local Map pack and also for organic search results on Google.

If you are confused, to give you more clarity your GBP profile will be ranked on Local Map Pack as shown below.

Exmaple of Local Map Pack

And the website will be ranked in organic search results as per users’ queries as shown below.

google organic search results

Now Let’s dive into local SEO benefits

Benefits of Local SEO for Small Business Owners

Below are the benefits of local SEO you must be aware of

  1. Improve visibility in the local area
  2. Targetting Right Audience
  3. 24/7 promotion
  4. Increases Trust and Authority
  5. Increase relevant traffic
  6. Quality leads and customers
  7. Increase brand awareness
  8. Less promotion cost
  9. High Return on Investment
  10. Appearance in Google 3 pack
  11. Importance of Mobile Devices
  12. Huge Growth in Business
  13. Rank Long Term
  14. Local Reviews
  15. Driving Foot traffic
  16. Build community
  17. Repeat customers
  18. Link building from local business
  19. Being head above the competition

1. Improve visibility in the local area

The first benefit of local SEO is that it helps in improving the visibility of your business in your local area. If your business is not on Google, your business will not be visible for the entire local area/city. It will be only visible to your neighbors or that street of your business area.

But if your business is on Google, and if someone searches for the product or services related to your business, and if you rank top on Google for specific terms of your business, then your business visibility will be increased for the entire local area/city.

And the visibility of your business to entire local areas helps to drive traffic to the website and later to your store as a customer.

2. Targeting the Right Audience

Local SEO also helps in a way, that you can easily target your potential audience in your local area. If you know who your target audience is and their pain points, and what solutions they are looking for, then you can easily place your business in front of them through local SEO.

So, targeting the right audience bring traffic to the site and can convert them into leads or customers.

3. 24//7 promotion

Another local SEO benefit is, your business will be promoted 24/7 & 365 days and if you optimize for the Local area.

Here, you need to know that, At any time it may be morning or night if people get any problem or they want any service in the local area they contact their relations, or they search on Google to find the solution to their problem.

Even if you close your business as per your business timings, the promotion of your business will be active 24/7 in your local area on Google.

4. Increases Trust and Authority

Local SEO helps to build trust among your target audience. Basically, people trust Google and search for any information they are looking for.

If they search for your business-related queries on Google and if you pop up in front of them on search results, they begin to trust your business.

And if your GBP and Website are well optimized and valuable, then people will easily build more trust and they believe you’re authoritative in the business of niche and may convert into your customers.

People do not know all about Google algorithms or rankings, they only want the information that they are looking for. If you rank top on Google they believe and increase trust in you because people love Google and trust Google.

5. Increased relevant traffic

Local SEO helps your business to rank on Google. By ranking on Google and targeting the right audience, your website gets relevant organic traffic.

Suppose you provide valuable content or resources to the local target audience according to your business niche of Google users. Google will love it and rank your business high and drive relevant traffic to the site.

By getting relevant traffic to your website, the audience may convert into your leads or customers. And not only that, if they trust your valuable content they will directly visit your brick and motor location. I mean direct visitors to your business from your local area.

6. Quality leads and customers

The important and main benefit of local SEO is, your business will get Quality leads and customers from the local area.

For example, if someone is facing a problem or they want any service in need of urgency, these type of people are already in the decision-making phase and looking for someone to provide a solution for them.

These people are qualified buyers, so if you target these people and if they search on Google related to your business, and if you rank on Google for your local area, then you likely get quality leads, or maybe they can easily convert into your customers.

7. Increase Brand Awareness

Local SEO helps to gain huge brand awareness in your local area, and if your business rank on Google, people get aware of your business and will contact you.

And not only brand awareness, but your customers will also be doing word-of-mouth marketing about your products and services if they are satisfied with your services.

And Not only customers but by ranking on Google and by increasing your brand awareness, local news channels or youtube channels will also be ready to take an interview to provide content to their audience.

So, by ranking on Google for the local area, your business gets a lot of attention from different people.

8. Less Promotion Cost

Promoting the business in a local area through Local SEO costs Less budget when compared to other traditional or other digital marketing strategies.

You only need to invest in a website(a one-time investment) for your business and for local SEO strategies to rank on Google.

It takes time to rank on Google but it builds your authority in the local area and gives long-term results rather than other marketing strategies.

9. High Return on Investment

When compared to other marketing strategies, you will get huge ROI through Local SEO.

As your investment will be very less here, the desired results will be high, because here we target local customers who are in need of a service or product.

So, by targeting the right customers with less investment, there will be a huge return on investment on your business.

10. Get listed in Google 3 pack

Another Local SEO benefit is if you optimize your GBP for the local areas, you can easily rank on Google 3 pack, where your business will be easily visible to your audience.

The Google 3 Pack is a place where Google shows only three local businesses for local search terms on SERP. If your business appears in 3 pack, then you are likely to gain more attention from users and also clicks on your profile.

If the visitor trusted your profile they may contact you or directly visit the store it they are in need of urgency.

It is important to optimize and appear your business on Google 3 Pack. If not, your business will be stuck in the local finder, which you can visit after clicking see more below the 3 pack.

11. Importance of Mobile Optimization

According to socialmediatoday 30% of mobile searches on Google are related to location specific. And 78% of local mobile searches result from in-store purchases.

And from the above stats, mobile devices are playing a major role in local searches. Optimizing the websites for mobile devices is very important to rank on organic search results and GBP, to increase the user experience with the website

As we know, the increase in smartphones made it easy for people to search for anything on the internet and find information within seconds. So, it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices to rank higher on Google.

12. Huge Growth in Business

Local SEO helps in huge growth in your business. For example, if your business is not on Google, you’re not visible to your target audience, and your business will not grow if there are no customers.

And on another side, if it is well optimized for Google and as well as users, you can easily attract your clients to your business and the growth of the business will be increased.

Because you may or may not spend the amount on your business promotion. But spending little investment on local SEO helps you to drive traffic to your website and increase visitors to your business, which helps in the growth of the business.

13. Rank for Long term

When you invest in other marketing strategies apart from Local SEO, you only get results for a certain point of time till you pay the money for those strategies.

But Local SEO helps your business in long-term results. Suppose your business rank on Google, if you optimize regularly, you will rank for the long term and you will get long-term results.

Here, you invest less when compared with other marketing strategies, but you gain higher rankings for the long term and the visitors for your business will be for the long term too.

14. Local Reviews

Local reviews play a major role in your business. The only place your potential customers can get to know more about you and your business is through reviews on GBP Profile.

As per bright local, 67% of people leave a review of a positive experience and 40% of people leave a review of a negative experience.

So, we got to know that there will be more positive reviews if you provide valuable service. And every person who wants to visit your store will check the reviews on your Google business profile before contacting you.

If you gain more positive reviews from your past customers, then there will be a flow of new customers to your business.

15. Drive Foot traffic

According to ahref, 76% of people who search on smartphones nearby locations visit the business place or store within a day.

As per the above stats, if your business website and GBP are well optimized to rank higher on google, it will help to increase the local online visibility of your business and helps to drive foot traffic to your brick and motor location.

The direct foot traffic to the business place results in purchasing and helps to make more sales and increase revenue.

16. Build a community

People mostly purchase or look for services locally, and they are always ready to support local business owners by purchasing locally and making connections and bonds. And also some people want support from local business owners if they face any little problem.

Suppose you rank on Google through local SEO, if someone walks into your store and builds trust in you for your valuable service, then you should not leave them after providing your valuable service.

So, that’s where you build the community for your walk-in customers in your local area by sharing tips or your business-related news and trying to engage with them.

By doing this, whenever they get any problem or need service related to your business, the people will directly get in touch with you rather than going to your competitors.

17. Repeat customers

Local SEO also helps in returning customers to your business. When someone visited your local store for the first time by seeing your business on Google. And once you delivered highly valuable service to those customers.

And if customers are satisfied with your services or products, they will be your repeat customers again.

That means if they need any service or product in your business they like to visit your store directly or they might search on Google.

And therefore, if you again pop up on Google in front of them, now they will visit your store because they have already been served by you and the bond will be increased.

18. Links from Other Local Business

As we know there will be competition at any level of business. But here, local SEO helps to cross promotes other products by linking between the website of other local businesses in your niche or another similar niche to increase online visibility.

And, every local business is in touch with other different local businesses to get referrals and promote the products.

And, as I said, if you increase your brand awareness then local news channels are likely to publish an article on you and links to your website, and in that way, you get more exposure to the local audience.

19. Being head above the competition

The great benefit of local SEO is, you can easily beat your competitors in your local area.

And as we know, some local businesses are still relying on traditional methods of marketing, with no website or no Google business profile.

On another side, if your business is Local SEO optimized, then if you appear on Google for local search terms according to your services or products, people will come to you rather going to your competitors.

And apart from that, if your competitors are on Google, if you perform local SEO strategies then you can outrank your competitors and be ahead of the competition.

So, these are some benefits of local SEO, if you’re a business owner if you want to grow your business you need to focus on Local SEO to grow your business.

And also let me give you some clarity between SEO and Local SEO.

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Difference between SEO and Local SEO

SEO is the process of optimizing every webpage to rank higher on the search engine results page and get relevant traffic to the site.

Whereas, Local SEO is optimizing both GBP as well as Website to rank higher on the search engine results page to get relevant traffic to the site from the local area.

The main difference between SEO and Local SEO is, Whereas SEO targets across the globe, whereas local SEO targets a specific region, city, or state.

Local SEO focuses on location-specific keywords, citations, and also optimizing Google’s business profile.

Whereas traditional SEO does not focus on all these things of Local SEO like location-specific keywords, citations, and GBP.

Both SEO and Local SEO, are important for businesses with different goals. And also both have different aspects of optimization to rank higher on Google.

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Local SEO is very much important and needed for every local business out there to increase the growth of the business.

As I above mentioned different benefits of Local SEO, such as increased visibility, Increase Relevant traffic, Beating competitors, etc. But, the main goal of local SEO will be to increase your business revenue.

SEO and Local SEO works in two different ways but focused on optimizing a website for search engine like Google.

I hope you liked the article, share your thoughts or ask queries in the comments, I like to read them and reply.

Thank you.

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