How to Choose The Best WordPress Hosting In 2024

When your’re planning to build your WordPress Website, one of the most crucial decision you need to take is selecting the right hosting provider.

It’s important to choose the good WordPress hosting because, you’re entire website speed, security, and reliability will be depended on your hosting service.

But, with so many choices out there it will be tough task to make a informed decision and pick the right hosting for your website.

So, this article will help you to understand how to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your site and also walks you through different types of WordPress hosting available in the market as per your needs.

How To Choose Hosting for WordPress Website ?

Choosing the best hosting for your website is the most challenging, whenever you think of WordPress hosting then you need to consider a few features and factors are taken into consideration.

For example, from taking the consideration of website size to the required security measures, everything should be taken care of. I’ll discuss a few crucial recommendations and features which will help you in choosing the best WordPress Hosting.

visual representation of features to look when choosing a web hosting

Performance and Reliability

Performance and Reliability are very important factors as the running and loading of websites are dependent upon them. The speed and efficiency of websites are bound to various factors such as page load time, responsiveness, interaction time, user experience, and enhanced features like Caching, CDN, etc.

Having good SSD storage can handle data coming through websites and makes sure that it will never impact the performance of websites.

When all the factors are well optimized then the website has high performance which will deliver content quickly and there will be fewer delays or interruptions, it is essential for keeping your visitors on websites, when websites load faster then there will be an increase in conversion rates too.

Reliability is a critical factor in ensuring a positive user experience and the success of a website and the websites will be faster, and fully secured. 

A few factors to be considered are:

  • Website Uptime: It is expressed as a percentage, as uptime is a measure of the total time that your hosting is up and running. Your website should be a maximum of 99.99% uptime, then only it will make your website highly available for your users. 
  • Server response time: It is the metric that describes how long the device takes to receive feedback from the server after devices send a request to the server to load websites.

Scalability and Resources

As we know at some point in time your website will grow and hence you will be required to Scale the website resources. Website traffic rises along with demand, necessary for more additional resources like RAM, memory space, CPU, and many more. And, when websites are not getting enough traffic then you might have to reduce the resources as well.

Server resources play a crucial role in growing the websites, the CPU is responsible for handling tasks such as PHP scripts, queries, dynamic content, etc.

RAM is important for caching more frequently accessed data, storing PHP scripts, and buffering queries. Memory space when the website grows, it stores more data, images, plugins, themes, and content.

Sufficient storage can make loading time slower hence memory storage such as SSD storage should be considered as it will accumulate enough data.

Take a hosting plan which is capable of scalability, it will be useful when websites are up or down i.e. it completely depends upon your website needs.

Security Measures

Websites will have many risks that majorly include Security risks such as malware attacks, hacking, and many more. Protecting the websites is very important because site health, your customer’s privacy and the company’s private, confidential data can be breached.

Hence the major important feature is security, you should check the security features of hosting before you buy any plan. The plan must have DDoS protection, two-factor authentication, malware scanning, regular backups, SSL certificates, and dedicated firewalls. Many plugins will provide security to the websites.

Before you buy, check for the above Top-notch security features and also choose the service providers which prioritize the security.

Customer Support

Anytime you are troubled by the website issue or run into any technical problems, you may require support. So it is very important to check for the available ways to contact the support of hosting providers, you can’t leave your website with problems for long, it will impact the visitors and also the conversion rate of the business. 

Generally, all hosting providers have different modes of communication for their clients, they have live chat, tickets, Email, and a few provide direct phone calls. In maximum services, they have 24/7 customer support, and also you need to consider the time taken to solve your issues.

The support group has maximum knowledge of WordPress and understands issues, if they are not able to clarify or you are not able to understand the solution then your issue will be shared with the experts in the company and they will make sure your problem is solved within a few minutes.


Budget considerations are critical while choosing the WordPress hosting, also don’t allow pricing alone to dictate your decision to purchase hosting.

Carefully examine pricing plans to ensure they match up with your financial resources and identify any hidden fees that might increase costs.

Evaluate each host based on features, performance and support – it may often be worth investing a bit extra for a reliable host that provides great value.

Consider these factors when comparing pricing plans

  • Introductory and Renewal Prices

Many hosting providers offer attractive introductory prices to attract new customers, yet these costs often increase at renewal time. Be sure to compare both initial and renewal rates so as to avoid burden on you while renewing host.

  • Money-Back Guarantees 

Consider hosting providers who provide money-back guarantees; this enables you to explore their services without risk, and if you’re not entirely satisfied you can apply for a refund within a certain period.

  • Add-Ons and Extras

Carefully review each hosting provider’s offerings, such as free domain registration, daily backups, or site migration services that could enhance their value of packages offered for a particular hosting type.

And, if your are in low budget purchasing the web hosting in black friday sale is the best choice to get massive discounts and offers.

So, when your choosing WordPress hosting for your website the above mentioned features are mandatory to check before investing in a particular hosting.

And with that, let me also walk you through different types of WordPress hosting, So that you can choose the best hosting for your website as per needs.

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Types of WordPress Hosting

All hosting providers offer a variety of WordPress hosting options, hence WordPress users have the flexibility of choosing from different types of hosting. Let’s look into common types of WordPress hosting.

visual representation of types of web hosting

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a form of web hosting that enables numerous websites to use a single web server, shared hosting customers split the cost equally. It is known as the cheapest and most affordable to host your websites, the best choice for individuals, Blogging and small companies, and it is more suitable for small websites which derive moderate traffic.


  • It is very cheap hosting when compared to others.
  • It is user-friendly and you can scale up your operation to grow your business.
  • Excellent Support is provided to all users.
  • From a single account, you can host and manage many domains and emails.


  • Everything will be shared among all websites including bandwidth, storage, and space.
  • Sometimes you can face website performance issues and speed, due to an increase in traffic to sites.
  • Limited installations of plugins in WordPress, and sometimes you can face file permission risks.
  • Security risks will be increased if one website is compromised by attacks, then other websites will be at risk too.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is the best affordable hosting to set up your WordPress, suitable for blogging, small-medium business websites. They provide the best security and performance for the websites, automatic updates for WordPress, and plugins, the important notifications are provided through Emails. 

The managed WordPress hostings are responsible for maintenance, the performance of the website, high security, 24/7 customer support, and automatic updates.

Apart from the cost, this Hosting is provided with excellent technical and other many conveniences for the users, which makes the hosting more suitable for Hosting WordPress.


  • Technical things are managed by the providers, as they have a small team of experts who ensure that the website is safe and stable.
  • The website has a higher speed and performance, and it doesn’t affect the traffic and you don’t have to install other software to make the website load faster.
  • Offers scalability to the websites.
  • Provides higher security with Free SSL certificates, malware, and other necessary protections as well.
  • Automatic Daily backups, automatic updates, and offers 24/7 customer support to the users.


  • This Hosting only deals with WordPress, they don’t offer services to other hosting like VPS, Dedicated, Sharing, etc;
  • Most of the Managed WordPress Hostings don’t provide Free Domain and Professional Email setups.
  • As compared to Shared hosting, the cost of Managed WordPress hosting is higher.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

VPS Hosting is a form of web hosting service that divides the real server into different segments so that each represents a different isolated server. VPS Hosting is known for its security and stability, in this hosting you don’t get dedicated server space. It gives you elevated access to your own disk space, CPUs, memory, and many more configurations.

You don’t have to share any resources with anyone using the same server because VPS is not shared hosting. The best part is you can host multiple websites on a single VPS hosting and you will not be comprised in the speed and performance of any websites.


  • When compared to shared hosting, VPS hosting is faster and more reliable.
  • When other server user’s problems and traffic spikes will have no impact on your website.
  • Your files and databases are safely secured from other’s server users. Hence you will have 100% privacy.
  • When your website grows, you can easily upgrade your server and its resources too, it is very easy to scale.


  • Costing, it is more expensive than Shared hosting.
  • Setting up the VPS hosting needs a lot of technical knowledge, even though there are more online resources available.
  • If the configuration is not done properly, then it may lead to security vulnerabilities.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The word “dedicated hosting” refers to a web package that gives a single client access to a dedicated server with dedicated resources.

This is the best server hosting for users or large companies that have a large number of visitors to their websites, in this way, users or organizations have full control of their websites and can configure it to meet their own needs.


  • Can handle high traffic demands.
  • The performance and speed of your website can be improved.
  • The dedicated server has advanced security for websites, hence it is safe for websites to deal with confidential data.
  • The storage of websites is large and has enough storage space, RAM, Bandwidth, backup, etc and dedicated server hosting covers additional expenses which the software packages are needed to run the servers.


  • Hosting is more expensive than other hosting services, hence it is not ideal to buy Dedicated hosting if your website has very less traffic.
  • It requires more technical knowledge to install, maintain and operate a website or server using dedicated hosting. But there is fully operated Dedicated hosting, the main problem is it is costlier.
  • It requires regular server maintenance and also daily monitoring to ensure the dependability of servers.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is similar to VPS hosting which is a series of Physical servers, but coming to Cloud hosting all the servers are hosted Virtually and interconnected to each other. It means, Cloud hosting runs your website on different servers and will prevent the site from downtime and server crashes.

The main benefit of cloud hosting is, it is scalable and allocates all the resources such as bandwidth, RAM, Storage, etc as per your website needs.


  • As said, cloud hosting is highly scalable and can adapt to traffic needs.
  • The performance and loading speed of websites will be faster due to the distributed resources.
  • The downtime of the website will be low because your website will be hosted on multiple servers. So there will be a high uptime for your website.
  • Unlike traditional hosting where you pay a fixed price for resources or usage. Cloud hosting on the other hand, offers pay as you use model and costs can adjust as per your usage.
  • Cloud Hosting providers typically invest heavily in security measures, providing firewalls, DDoS protection, backups, and patches to safeguard WordPress sites against threats. 


  • Cloud hosting can be challenging to set up and manage, it can be a little technical compared to shared hosting. 
  • While Cloud Hosting can be cost-efficient, its monthly bills can also fluctuate based on traffic and resource consumption. 
  • Cloud Hosting can be highly scalable, but there are still resource limits you must be mindful of if your website experiences unexpected traffic surges that exceed these resource limitations and lead to performance issues.
  • If you’re new to cloud resource management, using Cloud Hosting effectively requires an initial learning. It may take some time to adapt with its various features and options available.

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To conclude, In this article I have covered all the essential factors on how to choose the best WordPress hosting for your website and also walked you through different types of WordPress hosting that you need to invest as per your website needs.

Remember, your website is digital asset for your brand and recognization. And, hosting environment plays a crucial role for overall website Perfomance and helps in ranking on Google.

So, always consider the factors such as perfomance, security, pricing, and scalability as mentioned above before investing in the hosting.

And, Thankyou for going through the entire article, I hope this article is helpful and valuable, if you have any query you can ask them in the comments. I like to read them and reply.

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