Is Blogging Still Profitable In 2024 ? Know The Truth

Are you looking forward to start your blogging journey? But have the biggest questions like “Is Blogging Still Profitable in 2024”.

If yes, then you’re in the right place to know the truth behind the blogging profitability.

So, Let’s look into few things like, current trends in blogging, factors influence blogging profitability, and future of blogging, to understand if blogging can be profitable in 2024 and beyond.

Is Blogging still Profitable in 2024 and Beyond?

Yes, Blogging is still profitable and has always been profitable. One of the key features in blogging that always remains profitable is the evergreen nature of content.

But, you need to know, blogging without a clear strategy is definitely not going to be profitable. 

Anyone can start a blog in 2024. It’s not hard to get started, but implementing the right strategies with quality content and getting people to actually read your blog articles really matters, and it is becoming very hard these days.

screenshot of google trends for blogging search term

A few people still ask questions like “Is blogging still profitable”, you can see in the image, that the blogging has been trending with slight ups and down over past 5 years, also will likely remain trending and profitable in 2024 and beyond.

As a blogger, you should always keep up with blogging trends to adapt to evolving technologies, user interest, and search engine algorithms as they keep updating over time.

If you have the mindset that just writing and publishing the blog post is going to make you profitable, then you’re in the wrong mindset.

Blogging will be profitable, when you put the efforts from content creation to optimizing the content to users and search engines like Google and promoting the blog on the internet to drive traffic to the site.

The visitors or the audience seek a particular and in-depth informative blog to provide valuable insights to give solutions to their queries.

As long as the content remains valuable and relevant on your blog, it will attract traffic to your blogs helps you to make money from your blogging journey.

As a blogger, your nature is to present valuable, relevant content that ensures to attract traffic and helps in monetization opportunities.

How long does is take to make money from blogging ?

There is no specific timeline for earning money through blogging; it depends on the individual blogger’s execution.

However, to gain success and earn a good amount, consistency, hard work, and patience are required.

Many successful bloggers start to see significant income after six months, and few see it after 12 months or two years. 

So, on average, 28% of bloggers earn money within six months, and 34% of bloggers earn full-time income after two years.

There are a few factors you must consider to make money from blogging.

  1. Niche Selection
  2. Content Quality
  3. SEO 
  4. Promotion of your blogs
  5. Patience and persistence

If you consistently implement the above factors in blogging, you can earn at least $ $100/month within six months, depending on your niche. 

But if you want to make $1000 /mo, it will take up to 2 years, and as your experience increases in blogging, you can earn more in the coming years.

So, it’s important to treat your blog as a long-term investment instead of a short-term business.

That means it takes time and effort to earn sustainable income from a blog, and it depends on many factors and the potential of an individual blogger, which varies from one blogger to another.

Do Bloggers Still Make Money ?

Yes, Bloggers still make money through blogging.

There are many ways bloggers earn through blogs, such as display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling digital products, which are the few popular ways to make money.

visual representation of blog monetization statistics

As you can see above, 42.3% of bloggers make money through affiliate marketing, and 33.3% of bloggers make money through Display ads.

Whereas remaining blog monetization is distributed between sponsored posts (12.2%), Selling digital products (11.1%) and services (1.1%). 

Let me break down each of them if you want to know how each monetization works.

  • Ad Revenue : Many bloggers display Ads on their blogs through Ads networks like Google AdSense. In the year 2021, Ads spent 522.5 billion dollars and by 2026 it is estimated to reach 836 billion dollars.
  • Affiliate Marketing : Many bloggers opt for affiliate marketing by promoting other companies products and earning commissions for every sale done by unique affiliate links. On average you can earn up to 6000 USD as per ziprecruiter.
  • Sell Digital Products : You can create products based on your skills and sell them through your blog. Some of the digital products can be anything such as E-books, online courses, templates, Notes, etc.
  • Sponsorship : When your blog get some authority, You can partner with various brands, services, and products to create and publish content about them on your blog. You will get paid based on engagement, and reach, on average you can earn up to $500.
  • Subscription : You can offer users premium content or a membership program with all exclusive benefits and this subscription method is popular, you can earn good money if your user feels the subscription benefits are best for them.
  • Freelancing and consultations : You can work as a freelancer by showcasing your blog as a portfolio on different platforms that attracts clients and offer consultation services. Fiverr and Upwork are the two popularly known websites for freelancing.

What type of blog makes the most money?

Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Finance, Health and fitness are the five top popular blog niches that make the most money. These niches are called evergreen niches.

As you can see above, as per RankIQ, the food blog has the highest monthly income, $9169/month, followed by personal finance, which is $9100/month.

There are many other blog niches, but most people search for and spend a lot of money on topics related to food, lifestyle, and travel. 

As I said above, the profitability of the blog depends on many factors, such as niche, content quality, audience engagement, and monetization methods mentioned above, such as display ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, etc.

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What is the Future of Blogging ?

The future of blogging is fully secured and it is tied to big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. They always want the best content from creators on various topics.

The few thing you need to focus on to get success in blogging such as.

  1. Content Quality and Relevance
  2. Diversification of Content Formats
  3. Promotion of Blog
  4. Focusing on Authority

Content Quality and Relevance

Your blogging success depends on the content quality and relevance of articles for the users.

Your success formula should be high-quality content. This not only attracts your audiences but also keeps them engaged and encourages them to return to read more. 

Hence your main focus should be on the Quality of content rather than Quantity.

Relevance is crucial in understanding your target audience and delivering your content. Around 82% of marketers invest in high content quality and relevance to convert users into leads.

Diversification of Content Formats

As blogging is all about written or text based content which is a common and popular format as a traditional blogging. 

But, the future of blogging may see the diversification of content formats and that include them in the blogging journey. 

Some of the content formats the content creators will be expanded to podcasts, video blogs, visual representation in articles to engage, etc the readers and build trust.

Promotion of Blog

According to statistics around 4.95 billion people use social media, proving the reach of social media and you can use this as a biggest advantage for blog promotion.

Promoting blogs in various digital spaces can attract a good amount of large audience, we all know social media platforms are best for promotions because you can use them as targeted advertising, and increase your blog visibility.

Focusing on Authority

Building authority in your niche is most important for success. All search engines always prioritize content from different authoritative sources.

Bloggers should concentrate on becoming leaders, gaining trust with their audiences and acquiring the highest quality backlinks.

Google has many valuable authoritative contents, you must have observed that the first few pages often have more backlinks.

Current Trends in Blogging

current trends in blogging visual representation

Niche Specialization

Niche Specialization is an essential aspect of blogging, hence you need to focus on specific industries or topics, this helps you in targeting your audience.

A Profitable Niche makes sure you as a blogger have that credibility and authority. You can address your audience’s needs, and engage the audience with your niche content.

Social Media Integration

Do you know around 96% of bloggers use social media as their weapon to promote their blogs? 

You heard it correctly, that’s the main advantage of various social media platforms.

Social media integration has become a major role in blogging success.

There are many platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, etc where you can promote your content, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your blogs. 

This regular promotion on various social media platforms boosts your blog visibility and attracts more audiences, we can say blogging and social media channels share an iconic relationship.

Video Content

Nowadays we can see a significant rise in video content, seeing many bloggers starting to include videos of their written content into vlogs, tutorials, and small summaries of content. 

Video content is very demanding, as per statistics it’s around 92.3% for all kinds of videos and short reels or videos are top-rated.

Videos engage with users, provide them with dynamic storytelling, and align with audiences. Search engines also prioritize videos along with written content blogs.

Tips to Start a Profitable Blog

Choose a Profitable Niche

You must already know about the niche, so choose a niche that particularly aligns with your audience’s interest and also yours, this kind of niche also offers good monetization potential.

You can utilize different tools like Google Trends that help you track your niche industry trends and Keyword Planner to identify your niche trending topics along with keywords for your article.

Buy Domain And Quality Hosting

To publish blogs you need a website, and search for a suitable domain name that reflects your blog identity.

Choose the best and most reliable hosting service for your blog to run smoothly. There are lots of providers available in the market, such as Hostinger, Cloudways, Hostarmada, etc.

Most importantly your hosting choice will impact your user experience, hence choose the best quality of hosting with a 99.9% Uptime guarantee.

Learn SEO techniques

To make your blog visible and rank in search engines like Google, then you need to learn SEO(Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

You need to understand the importance of Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO, etc.

When the blog is SEO optimized then it increases the chances of organic traffic. Around 64% of bloggers actively invest in SEO.

Create Content Calendar

Always develop a content calendar, where you can organize all our topics and the status of content, and this helps in maintaining consistency.

In blogging there are two important factors: consistency and patience. When you post your blogs regularly there are chances of getting 3.5x times more traffic.

Write and Publish Quality Content

In blogging, there is a saying “Content is King”. Your content should be well crafted after research, informative, and should be engaging.

Your prime focus should be on providing value to your audience. You can use multimedia like Visuals, Images, and Infographics to improve your user experience.

Promote Your Blog

Promotion is key to success. There are various social media platforms available, and you can do E-mail marketing to increase your blog visibility. Engage with your audiences.

Worldwide around 5 million people use social media, you can use it to promote your blogs and draw your audience’s attention.


Is blogging still profitable ? Yes, it is profitable. But, it is not easy and not quick way to make money, it depends on many factors.

As a blogger, your journey starts with choosing the niche, learning SEO, writing high-quality content, promoting, and implementing effective monetization strategies.

However, blogging success is entirely depends on you and the dedication work you put to build the blog to make money from it.

Hopefully, you got answers about whether blogging is still profitable or not. If you any queries you can ask them in the comments, I like to read an reply.

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