Blogging vs Vlogging : Which Is better for You In 2024 ?

If you’re planning to start online content creation, and unable to decide between blogging vs vlogging then you’re at the right place.

In today’s world of content creation, blogging and vlogging stand out as the two prominent careers for every individual.

And, each one of them offers a unique approach in delivering the information, insights, to the audience through various mediums.

In this article, I have covered the differences between blogging vs vlogging to make give you clear path to choose and start your content creation journey.

What is Blogging?

A blog is a website, where you share the written information on various topics based on your thoughts and experience to the audience worldwide on your passionate niche or industry.

visual representation of blogging

Blogging is a process of creating content or articles on the specific topics and publishing them on your blog website.

Any individual can run a successful blog and can post their personal opinions, publish Informative articles, and many more on specific niches.

Many bloggers write content in different languages based on their interest and audience on different topics such as News, Health Tips, Lifehacks, Fashion tips, etc;

You can also share the information based on your experience via blogs and earn through advertising, brand partnerships, and sometimes affiliate marketing.

What is Vlogging?

A Vlog a video documentation or video blog of someone who posts on various video channels instead of written posts and share information to the audience worldwide.

visual representation of vlogging

Vlogging is a short form of video blogging, is a process to create videos based on their daily life, entertainment, share informative news, guide users with health, and educate people on various topics.

Vlogs can be of any structure i.e. can be continuous videos, or short reels.

YouTube is the most popular platform for vloggers, and many vloggers have gained popularity because of content creation.

Vloggers channels have many views and subscribers because of the quality of information that shared as per audience interest.

Demand for Blogging vs Vlogging

Demand of Blogging and Vlogging vary based on different factors, and each one has unique advantages.

Blogging Demand

Blogging has been growing by 12% since 2015, approximately 600 million blogs are been created in 2023. 

USA state has 61% users and they spend 3X time on consuming the blog content.

Whatever is written on blogs is optimized, well-researched, and crafted so that content can serve as evergreen content. It means that blog posts stay relevant for a long time, and attract traffic.

The versatility allows bloggers to accommodate a wide range of audience preferences. Blogs can also include content like images, embedded videos, and Infographics.

Well-written content by Bloggers often conveys a message of professionalism and authority, hence many businesses, academics, and influencers use blogs to establish their presence in their respective fields.

Vlogging Demand

Did you know around 3.7 Million videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. People stay and watch the videos for an average of 17 minutes. 

Around 5 million YouTube videos have been watched by audiences every day worldwide.

Vlogging has become increasingly popular because of platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and other social media channels. On these platforms, audiences actively seek video content.

Videos are more visually appealing and have a greater engagement rate. They are more connected than text in expressing feelings, sensations, and facts.

Videos are easier to understand than written content, as audiences consume content through visuals and audio simultaneously

Vlogs are a great way to pass the time and amuse yourself quickly in this era of short attention spans. Viewers may absorb information more quickly when audio and pictures are combined.

Difference between Blogging vs Vlogging?

PurposeWriting articles, Guides,
and Reviews. etc.
Create videos for various
Time commitmentRequired a little time daily to build
the blog
Required a more time daily to build
the vlog
Maintenance CostYou need Low invest to run your
blog website
You need high invest to run your
vlog channel
Content creationFocused on Text, images, and
Focus on video creation and
PlatformBlog are hosted on Self hosted Platforms
such as WordPress
Vlogs are hosted on YouTube and other
social media platforms.
Equipment NeededRequired Pc / Laptop, and daily
writing tools.
Required Camera/smartphone,
microphone, and video editing software
MonetizationAd Revenue, Affiliate Marketing,
and Digital products, etc.
Ad revenue, sponsorships,
and different product reviews

Blogging vs Vlogging : Purpose

The main purpose of Blogging is to provide education and information on various topics.

Blogging focuses on writing content that includes articles, guides, news, and reviews on various products.

Blogging acts as a digital storyteller in the form of writing and Blogging is the best go-to source for users who are seeking an in-depth understanding of topics.

The main purpose of vlogging is to provide educational videos, entertainment, share product reviews, and many more.

Vloggers are experts in storytelling through videos on personal and also dynamic levels.

Many vloggers make educational videos using their skills, the popular one is traveling vlogs, as they share all kinds of experiences like places, food, hotels, etc.

Blogging vs Vlogging : Time Commitment

Blogging requires little time commitment from Bloggers since it involves researching topics, writing, and editing the content making it perfect for users to read and understand.

The best part of blogging is it is written, not recorded, hence it is done in their own time, making modest time commitment from creators.

Vlogging requires more time than blogging, since it involves writing scripts, shooting, and editing video content.

Some people need more time than expected and as a vlogger, you should commit to ensuring the delivery of the engaged content and it should be captivating for audiences.

Blogging vs Vlogging : Maintenance Cost

Bloggers require low maintenance costs and payment for domains and hosting fees, these costs are very accessible for everyone.

If your budget is very low and you won’t spend very little on maintenance, then blogging is the best choice.

Vlogging maintenance cost varies from moderate to high. Includes camera equipment like stands, and video editing software to provide visually appealing and professional content for very everyone.

If you want to invest in the best camera then it will increase your maintenance cost.

Blogging vs Vlogging : Content Creation

In Blogging, content is based only on texts, and involves images and infographics. The main advantage of blog is that it allows users to understand topics in detail in written format.

When you write detailed content with a mix of engaging stories with various visuals like images and infographics, it will help your users understand the different topics.

In vlogging, content is created for videos that can be short reels or long educational videos. They leverage storytelling and provide a more dynamic experience.

You must have seen 8+ hours of educational videos, hence a Vlogger knows the power of interactive content.

Blogging vs Vlogging : Platform

There are many best blogging platforms for you to create content and publish, and you can get access through website URLs, and Search engines. These blogs are shared through various social media channels.

When you share your blog links on various social media platforms, it will reach your audience easily, and create a strong impact, when gets shared with others.

Vlogging videos are widely shared on platforms like YouTube, and short reels will also be shared on Instagram and other social media platforms.

These Vloggers maintain a strong presence on various platforms. 

Blogging vs Vlogging : Equipment Needed

The basic requirements for blogging are PC or laptop with wifi connection and basic writing tools, image creation tools can be beneficial.

You need to spend the amount on domain name and hosting platforms but no fancy equipment is required to start blogging.

Vloggers require a basic camera or smartphone for recording content, video editing software, and microphones for the clear voice of creators.

Some people have the misconception that you need a best and costlier camera to shoot content and that it is completely myth, sometimes all you need is your smartphone.

Blogging vs Vlogging : Monetization

Through blogging, you generate income from sponsored articles, contextual Ads, and affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is became very popular in blogging, you can tie up with brands, companies in your niche to earn commission, when someone buys through your affiliate link.

The best part is you can provide those links in your blogs.

Vloggers earn money through Ad revenue, sponsorships, and promotion of products. Generates income through videos, especially with a large viewer-based account. 

Hence we can say the potential income generated when you grow your viewer base, generating revenue from the development of content.

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How much can you make through blogging vs vlogging?

When you start writing blogs and publishing your videos, they must be consistent, and valuable for your audience.

You can earn a good amount when traffic starts coming to your blogs and vlogs. As a Blogger and Vlogger, you can earn up to Six figures.


An average blogger makes around $45,000 per year, and they do accordingly. When it comes to earning, many bloggers think of affiliate marketing by promoting other products, so it is considered passive income.

Choose your products and promote them to your target audience, for this you can choose various platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Few bloggers choose to be affiliates of hosting providers.

You can sell your digital products such as E-books, courses, templates, etc. You can offer services through your blogs like 

  • Blog mentorship (Helping people start their websites.)
  • SEO(Including Keyword research, website audits, link building, etc.), and Web services to various clients.
  • Help your customers build a portfolio in various fields( depending on your skill sets, and expertise.)
  • Promoting your skills to attract clients to start your Freelancing career and many other services.


An average vlogger can earn around $63,000 per year and that is a pretty good amount, you will get sponsorship and brand collaboration offers through different sources like Product reviews, collaborating with excellent brands, etc.

To make this happen, you need to have a bigger audience and subscribers in your Channels.

If you have many subscribers on your YouTube channel, then it will attract sponsors to review your products, and they will pay a hefty amount.

You can promote the products and earn through affiliate marketing. You can create your niche topics step-by-step video guides on product usage. To earn millions you need to grow your audience, create excellent quality videos and publish consistently.

How to Start a Professional Blog from Scratch

Creating a professional blog requires a few essential steps. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you start a blog from scratch

visual representation of how to start a blog from scratch

1. Define Niche: To start writing blogs you need to choose a specific topic or niche. This helps you target a particular audience and establish a strong presence on online platforms. 

2. Choose a Domain Name: You need to choose a domain name and check for the same domain name availability through providers like GoDaddy, the Domain Name should be unique, easy to spell, and understood by users.

3. Register Domain and Hosting: You can choose a reliable hosting provider and register your Domain name. There are multiple hosting providers in the market such as Hostinger, Cloudways, etc.

4. Install CMS: Install a CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress, which is widely used because it’s user-friendly. Most hosting providers offer a simple and one-click WordPress Installation method.

5. Customize Your Website: You choose a professional-looking theme for your blogs, you can choose any customization of the blog themes, design, layout, etc.

6. Create Essential Pages: You can create essential pages such as the Main page with themes, About Me, Contact Me, and Privacy Policy. These help your users to know more about you and your work. 

7. Publish your Blogs: You can start writing blogs and publish them with the help of SEO to improve your blog visibility in search engines. Use relevant keywords, meta descriptions, Headers, and optimizing images.

How to Start a Vlog from Scratch

Starting a vlog requires a few essential steps. Here is a the list of steps you need to do to start your vlogging journey.

visual representation of how to start a vlog from scratch

1. Choose Your Niche: Choose your specific niche topics for your Vlog, this will help you greatly in targeting a particular audience.

2. Create Account on Platforms: Create YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with a clear and descriptive name. YouTube is very popular for Vlogging.

3. Plan your content: Plan outline your Content and also plan your Vlog episodes, make a list of topics you’re considering, format, and frequency of how many episodes you want to upload.

4. Create a Brand for your Vlog: Your audience will recognize and remember your work, hence creating a recognizable brand logo that should be a consistent style that reflects your personality.

5. Shoot Your Vlog: You can start filming for the Channel, but you need a few pieces of equipment to start filming such as a smartphone or camera, a microphone, and good lighting for higher-quality videos.

While shooting make sure your visual, and audio are clear, and pay attention to your background.

6. Edit Your Vlog: Edit your video using video editing software like Capcut, Adobe Premier Pro, etc. There are paid version and free versions of video editing software in the market.

Make the visuals appealing, you can remove unnecessary parts if you want, and also add music, and graphics to ensure the video is engaging.

7. Publish Vlog: Publish vlogs on platforms, and add attractive titles, descriptions, and Thumbnails. And don’t forget to add relevant keywords to make your vlogs discoverable and attract audiences.

Blogging vs Vlogging: Which should you choose?

Now you understand all the differences between a Blogger and a Vlogger, you need to start deciding which one is best for you. This decision depends on business goals and requirements. 


  • Choosing a blogging field is excellent if you are passionate about writing and expressing your ideas through your writing. 
  • If your audience prefers to read and engage with detailed content blogs then blogging will be the best choice. 
  • Your blogs will rank at the top in search engines if you’re content is SEO optimized, hence plan your content with good SEO Strategies.


  • It is the best choice for comfortable users who don’t shy in front of cameras and can convey messages more effectively through visuals. 
  • Vlogging is best for capturing youngster’s attention through useful and strong content.
  • Vlog content is shareable and engages a particular audience through various social media platforms, this method is called viral marketing.
  • The best thing about Vlogging is they have a platform YouTube and this channel provides detailed insights on demographics, video watched time, most watched content, and engagement of other videos provided in YouTube analytics.


The choice between a Blog vs Vlog completely depends on your preferences and strengths, as there is no debate between them since it is fit for all kinds of usages.

Blogging offers the best SEO-friendly approach allowing users to explore in depth on various topics, excellent choice for users who love writing, and expressing their thoughts,

And, if you want your content to be ever-lasting then Blogging is the best choice.

Vlogging is a powerful resource that leverages visuals and audio, as it is particularly effective for capturing the attention of your audience.

If you’re comfortable with the camera then you will capture your niche audience easily by conveying messages through various storytelling.

Ultimately when you enter on this journey of a blogging vs vlogging you need a key of authenticity, consistency, and strong content to make a connection with your audience.

The more genuine your content, the more loyal your audience and subscribers are.

I hope this articles is helpful for you to know about difference between blogging and vlogging to start your journey. If you any queries, you can ask me in the comments. I am happy to reply.


FAQs about Blogging vs Vlogging

What is Difference Between Blog and Vlog?

A blog is the written form of content published on the blog website, where as vlog is the video form of content uploaded on youtube or video platforms.

Who earns more as a blogger or vlogger?

Comparatively, Vlogger earns more, if one has a good amount of viewers and subscribers, then one will get sponsored and review items from good companies and will get paid.

What is better blogging or vlogging?

We can’t define what is better between blogging and vlogging, it will depend on your choice of niche, love for writing or shooting the content, and audience preferences.

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